Marc Busch

MARC L. BUSCH (Ph.D., Columbia University) is the Karl F. Landegger Professor of International Business Diplomacy at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Professor of Government and Professor of Business Administration at Georgetown University. He is an expert on international trade policy and law. He serves as a member of the Industry Trade Advisory Committee on Standards and Technical Trade Barriers (ITAC-16), a public-private group reporting to the U.S. Department of Commerce and the United States Trade Representative. He has addressed a wide variety of governments and international institutions, including the Advisory Centre on WTO Law, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, the World Bank and the United Nations. He has testified before the U.S. Congress on Airbus-Boeing litigation, and before the Canadian Senate on softwood lumber litigation. In 2010, Forbes Magazine named his course, “Business, Government and the Global Economy,” one of the Top 10 Most Innovative MBA courses in the United States.

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