John Della Volpe

John Della Volpe
Director of Polling, Harvard Kennedy School & Founder and CEO, SocialSphere Inc.

“This generation of young Americans is as engaged as we have ever seen them in a midterm election cycle. The concern they have voiced about the direction of the country is being channeled into a movement that will extend to the midterm elections and beyond.” – John Della Volpe

Many young people say they’re now fearful about the future of America, energizing many to get active in movements sweeping the country this past year and allowing them to express their anger over Washington’s dysfunctional politics. What does this new level of enthusiasm mean for the makeup of the future electorate? Will millennials turn out to be a reliable voting force in the upcoming elections?

John Della Volpe has been the Director of Polling at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics since 2000. He is a leading pollster focusing on American youth, especially Millennials, in the age of social and digital media. Della Volpe is also founder of SocialSphere, a Cambridge based public opinion and analytics company.

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